Condensing boilers are much more than a gas boiler, condensation is the technology that provides the best performance respecting the environment and, using less gas consumption. They are able to take advantage of much of the heat that is lost in the form of water vapor in the combustion smoke, which makes it better to consume 25% less gas depending on the type and use of the facility.

This type of boiler is recommended for any installation, be it a radiator or underfloor heating installation, in all of them they produce a considerable saving of fuel. The higher the heating consumption, the more profitable it is to use it since its efficiency is maximized when the installation works at a lower temperature.

Advantages of condensing boilers
The condensing boilers provide a maximum energy efficiency that is visible in:
Considerable savings in the gas bill, since it recovers the lost heat, using less gas to maintain the home's temperature.
Less emissions, by increasing performance and consuming less gas, reduce CO2 emissions, reducing the environmental impact.
Tips to save on consumption
Do not ventilate more than 5 minutes, since it is the estimated time in which the air is renewed.
Use the programmable thermostats correctly.
When heating is not used, do not allow the household temperature to drop below 18ºC.
Download blinds from rooms not inhabited.
Do not cover the radiators, to favor a correct transmission and distribution of heat.
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