Repair and Installation of Boilers in Mallorca


Installation service of boilers in Mallorca, repair of boiler burners, repair of gas and oil condensing boilers, 24 hours, in Mallorca. We repair all boiler models and brands in the market. We are Authorized Technicians in Installation of Boilers and Installers of Gas Boilers, we install and repair all types of boilers, valves and boiler burners. Gas or diesel.


We install gas for boilers and hot water in new homes. We carry out the Gas Discharge and we solve seals. We repair all types of faults and gas leaks, in your installation, boiler or any other element.

And we do it at the best prices and with the maximum guarantee. Because you do not play with your boiler. We repair boilers Junkers, Bosch, Saunier Duval, Vaillant, Ferroli, Baxiroca, etc …

Text us 660-946-114 (Whatsapp). Do not let a breakdown spoil your day.

Do you need a new Boiler installation in Mallorca? We are authorized installers of all types of heating. We work with the best specialists in each of the systems, technicians who know the trade well and the products and materials with which they work and that always offer great finishes. We guarantee the best jobs at the best prices, whatever the heating system chosen. And the variety is great, there are many systems to heat your house or your business, but only a few are effective and really efficient, let’s talk about them.

  • Natural gas: it is efficient, comfortable and clean. It is channeled to homes or premises, so the supply is continuous, do not have to be aware of filling deposits. It has the disadvantage that it does not reach all cities.

  • Gas Propane: recommended for single-family homes that do not get natural gas. It is also clean and efficient, but has the disadvantage that it is necessary to have enough space to house a fuel tank.

  • Gasoil: it is a very efficient fuel and cheaper than others. Also recommended in single-family homes where there is enough space to install the fuel tank.

  • Biomass: these systems use wood pellets, olive bones, firewood, nutshells, etc. as fuel. They are the most ecological in the market and are efficient. Also the fuel is cheaper. The drawback is that they need a lot of space to store the biofuel.

  • Radiant floor: it is very comfortable and has many advantages: the temperature is distributed equally in all rooms, does not generate dirt or remove dust, does not take up space and the water circulating in the circuit does so at a lower temperature than in other systems , so there is a considerable saving of energy. The great disadvantage is the cost of its installation.

  • Electric heating: more appropriate for areas of temperate climate or second homes that do not occupy much in winter. Either through low-energy accumulators or emitters, it is a comfortable and clean heating system that also does not need maintenance.

  • Heat pumps: more appropriate for areas that are not excessively cold because the outdoor units run the risk of freezing. They have the advantage that no installation is necessary and also function as air conditioning in summer.

As you see, there is a lot to choose from and all the systems are appropriate for certain circumstances but not so much for others. That’s why we recommend you ask our technicians in repair of boilers Mallorca.

One of our operators will attend you, analyze your needs and the characteristics of the property in which you want to install the heating and will make a budget that you can not refuse.

Do not forget that a heating system can be a great investment or a real problem of heating. It depends on you to make the decision, always go to professionals who advise you.


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 Do you need to change Caldera?

If you already have a heating circuit and all you want is to optimize its performance you can change the boiler, it is a simple job that is done in a short time. One of the options that is being done a lot lately is the installation of pellet boilers.

Keep in mind that the operation is the same as a gas or oil boiler, you can change the boiler without having to modify the circuit, it is one of the great advantages of biomass boilers.

We offer a wide variety of models so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In the case of gas boilers, you should bear in mind that if you have an old model of an atmospheric boiler, it is advisable to change it. This type of boilers combustion in an open chamber, so that, in addition to being less efficient, they can pose health risks if the combustion is carried out in a defective way.

This type of boilers can no longer be installed in homes and, on the other hand, public administrations periodically offer subsidies to make the change for more modern models.

The boilers that are currently installed are watertight boilers, which make the combustion in a hermetically closed box, so that they are much safer and more efficient. Within them there are two models, those of low NOx, which are the least polluting, and those of condensation, the most efficient, since they take advantage of the heat produced by the combustion gases and reuse it, so that fuel consumption It is much smaller.

Choosing a boiler is very important. It must fulfill its function exactly, that is, it must have the exact power to heat the circuit, neither more nor less, only in this way it will perform in the most optimal way and will not waste more fuel than necessary. Ask for help to our company, we will be happy to offer you the best models of the market and install them where you tell us.